Powerful Complex Chlorides

Ice Slicer's naturally occurring complex chlorides work faster and last longer than other deicers at all temperatures, reducing the number of treatment cycles per storm.

Solar Powered

Color matters. Ice Slicer’s darker color helps granules absorb solar energy and brine faster. The unique color also allows snow fighters and the public recognize treated roads.

Brines up to 5x Faster

Salt must turn to brine before it melts ice & snow. Independent lab testing shows Ice Slicer brines up to 5 times faster than white salt. After 90 minutes, Ice Slicer still produces nearly double the brine.

Natural Gradation

Ice Slicer's unique gradation creates immediate and lasting traction without the need for aggregates.

Mined Salt

Nature gave Ice Slicer the highest concentrate of complex chlorides which break down snow and ice more efficiently than evaporated white salt.

Colder Working Temperature

Ice Slicer keeps melting ice and snow 14° F lower than traditional white salt (Eutectic temperature study).


Our Complex Chloride formula naturally contains: sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium chloride that work together to melt snow and ice faster than sodium chloride alone.

Other deicers are treated with liquids to add chlorides. It is difficult to match the quantity of solid chlorides that naturally occur in Ice Slicer.

Chloride Salts: Freeze Point depressants

Ice Slicer Contains complex chlorides that synergize and work together at lower temperatures

Water's natural freezing point
32°F / 0°C

15°F / -9°C

12°F / -11°C

5°F / -15°C

-25°F / -32°C


Safety on roads is greatly influenced by traction, or in other words, the friction created between tire and road surface. Unfortunately, winter deposits of ice and snow greatly reduce friction on surfaces, creating extremely hazardous driving conditions.

Ice Slicer's naturally diverse gradation provides the fastest stabilizing traction on winter roads. Our unique deicing product aggressively cuts through ice and snow to restore safe driving conditions hours faster than the competition.


There are many advantages to using Ice Slicer. The most apparent benefit is how "much quicker the material begins to melt ice compared to using just straight [white] salt.”

Colorado Springs, CO