Safer for the Environment

Depending on storm conditions, Ice Slicer typically requires 40-100% less product than white salt. Introducing fewer chlorides, Ice Slicer reduces environmental impact.

Lower Alkalinity

Ice Slicer contains 1/60 the alkali content found in evaporated white salt. Better yet, Ice Slicer's unique mineral composition acts as an environmental buffer, which significantly decreases its alkalinity.

Reduced Aggregate Use

Ice Slicer creates natural traction that other granular deicers cannot provide. Minimize or eliminate sand usage and decrease sediment loading problems in sensitive areas.

Organically Certified

Ice Slicer is 100% all natural, dye-free, and safer for kids. In fact, our deicer comes from the same mine as food grade Redmond Real Salt.

Safer for Waterways

Ice Slicer is less harmful to aquatic life than white salt because it doesn't contribute to biological oxygen demand and sedimentation loading in streams.

Fewer Particulates

Ice Slicer has fewer particulates than white salt and sand, reducing winter particulate matter (PM 2.5 and 10) pollution.

Is ice slicer safe for the environment?

Air Quality
Ice Slicer® is the perfect solution for areas looking to lower their PM 10 and PM 2.5 levels, and protect their air quality as well as their roads.

Winter months are notorious for higher air particulate matter (pm) pollution. Ice Slicer contains only ~10% non-soluble materials. With Ice Slicer, you can also get clear roads with around 40% less product. As a result, our products release fewer particulates into the air than other road treatments such as white rock salt, sand, gravel, and other abrasives/aggregates. Click to learn more about particulate matter air pollution.

Plant and Soil Health
When applied correctly, Ice Slicer® nourishes soil and plant health.

Our mineral deposit in Redmond, Utah is not just the natural source for Ice Slicer®, but also many agricultural mineral products enjoyed by farmers since the 1950s. When proper application rates are followed, the natural minerals in Ice Slicer® runoff improve plant growth and invigorate soil microbe colonies. Areas that use our products in the correct concentration experience visibly healthier roadside vegetation. With no added chemicals or dyes, you can avoid the harsh leaching of of other road treatments.

Wildlife Health
Ice Slicer® is all natural and contains no added chemicals or harsh dyes.

Did you know that the unique blend of minerals from our Utah deposit has been used to nourish animal health for decades? With no harsh additives, you won't have to worry about bio-accumulating dyes or toxic chemicals that can harm wildlife. Ice Slicer's reddish hue comes from its naturally occurring trace minerals...nothing more!

Waterway Health
Ice Slicer® is safe for marine organisms, plants, and has minimal impact on bio-chemical balance.

As a complex chloride product, Ice Slicer® has the least impact (compared to other common deicer ingredients) on dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in waterways. Protecting DO levels prevents toxic algae blooms, nutrient pollution, and aquatic kill zones. With 90% soluble materials, Ice Slicer® does not increase water turbidity or clog flow. When applied in the recommended application rates, our road treatments help protect the delicate balance of water based ecosystems.

preserve roadside environment

UDOT used Ice Slicer just south of Levan, Utah, along Highway 28. After winter faded and vegetation started to return, the vegetation along the roadway came back lusher and greener than the surrounding plants.

When following proper application rates, Ice Slicer runoff will benefit roadside vegetation.


PROTECT Vegetation

World-renowned Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah attracts millions of visitors every year. Grounds crews work hard to keep walkways safe and clear while protecting their expansive gardens. Before Ice Slicer, Temple Square replaced 9 pallets worth of grass and about 1/3 of their plants due to deicer damage. After switching to Ice Slicer, they reported that no grass and only a few plants needed to be replaced after their winter season.


With Ice Slicer we cut our salt application in half!”

South Jordan, UT