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Lower your Overall Costs

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Superior Performance

When saving lives during a storm, Ice Slicer significantly outperforms white salt at all temperatures. Its unique mined-salt qualities make all the difference.

Economic Impact

Snow fighters using Ice Slicer save time and money without sacrificing performance. Ice Slicer is a complete road deicer that reduces your total winter maintenance costs.

Eco Friendly

This powerful, natural, pet-safe deicer introduces considerably fewer chlorides and reduces environmental concerns caused by other melting agents.

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Ice Slicer's Complex Chloride deicer salt melts ice effectively, creates more friction, is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and safer for kids and pets. Its natural gradation and minerals make it unique.

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Direct Ordering (Utah State Agencies)

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Envirotech Services

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Desert Mountain Corp.

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Nebraska Salt and Grain

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The first, first responders.

Snow fighters save lives, protect the economy, and keep the lifeblood of our communities flowing. Ice Slicer appreciates their hard work and dedication to public safety. Thank you for your service!